Jun 11, 2012 Hitting a Milestone - Two USTAR Teams at Once Read more: Utah Pulse - Hitting a Milestone Two USTAR Teams at Once (from Utah Pulse)
At Utah State University, USTAR teams have reached new milestones by working together on genomic research projects resulting in two sets of transgenic twin goats. Double the research—double the fun.
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UCAP: Goals


  • Develop chronic large animal models of atrial fibrillation
  • Study the progression and pathophysiology of the disease, using advanced imaging and electrophysiology mapping approaches
  • Develop tests for risk factors for atrial fibrillation including genetic polymorphisms
  • Test novel therapeutic strategies including pharmacological, device based, stem cell and gene therapies

Commercial Opportunities:

  • Fill demand for large animal atrial fibrillation models
  • Develop better imaging and diagnostic modalities
  • Develop new diagnostic tests, molecular or serum chemistry
  • Develop new device or drug therapies
  • Develop stem cell and/or gene therapy treatments