Jun 11, 2012 Hitting a Milestone - Two USTAR Teams at Once Read more: Utah Pulse - Hitting a Milestone Two USTAR Teams at Once (from Utah Pulse)
At Utah State University, USTAR teams have reached new milestones by working together on genomic research projects resulting in two sets of transgenic twin goats. Double the research—double the fun.
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Research & Innovation

Irina Polejaeva brings her somatic cell nuclear transfer capabilities as a USTAR researcher and associate professor in the department of animal, dairy and veterinary sciences in the College of Agriculture.

Zhongde Wang’s research focuses are stem cell biology, epigenetics of early embryogenesis, animal transgenesis and assisted reproduction technology. Wang designs and creates gene constructs that Polejaeva will use to genetically modify cells and then to produce transgenic large animal models by cloning.

As a molecular virologist, Young-Min Lee’s research focuses on animal RNA viruses that are important human and/or veterinary pathogens. He makes use of new “infectious cDNA” technology and cell culture/animal infection systems, together with innovative techniques in molecular biology, cell biology and biochemistry, to answer key questions about the viral life cycle and the cellular and host responses to viral infections.

Liaohai Chen’s specialization includes sensor/assay development, molecular imaging and advanced materials – capabilities and tools necessary for the tracking and imaging of viral infections the team is looking to investigate.