Jun 11, 2012 Hitting a Milestone - Two USTAR Teams at Once Read more: Utah Pulse - Hitting a Milestone Two USTAR Teams at Once (from Utah Pulse)
At Utah State University, USTAR teams have reached new milestones by working together on genomic research projects resulting in two sets of transgenic twin goats. Double the research—double the fun.
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Commercialization Opportunities

The Veterinary Diagnostics and Infectious Disease team at Utah State University is setting out to conduct interdisciplinary research leading to commercial opportunities in the areas of infectious disease and diagnostics. VDID draws on the strengths of USU’s College of Agriculture and College of Science as it tackles a $1 billion-a-year market in the United States for animal disease screening and diagnostics.

The team will collaboratively use animal models to study human and animal diseases – and the results could lead to various biomedical and agricultural applications with enormous commercial potential five years down the road.

The Commercial Enterprises group at USU works closely with VDID to promote relationships with partners and industry leaders.

To learn more about these partnerships, visit Commercial Enterprises.